Approach To Healing

Our boutique psychotherapy practice is designed to provide highly specialized care. We begin with a free initial consultation to see if your areas of concern can be best met at our practice. Psychotherapist + Founder, Janet Duffy, LMHC, LPC is deeply invested in helping individuals who are seeking services for challenges within her specialty and area of interest to ensure quality of care. If your needs are outside the scope of our practice, we will collaborate with you to find a highly trained clinician who might be of interest to you. We are dedicated to helping you receive the best quality of care possible.

Patient-Model Approach

During life’s difficulties, you can count on our providers to help you develop new skills and attitudes that will help open new opportunities in your life. When you are experiencing a loss of peace, or when balance within your relationship seems hard to grasp, our providers will help you overcome these challenges.

Your Well-Being Matters

Our practice utilizes an evidence-based approach to healing that targets both the mind and body. We provide compassionate, transparent, and streamlined psychotherapy services, for patients across the states and internationally.

We provide a judgment-free space where you will receive empathetic, confidential, and compassionate care. You deserve to feel safe and empowered while doing the work to move through the challenges you’re facing and find healing.