Our comprehensive treatment plans are created to address your mind and body in functional unity. Incorporating the principles of mind body medicine into our evidence-based treatment plans allows a more versatile, unique, and well-rounded outlook to healing.

Many of us go through life skimming the surface of our identities. We never take the time to reflect on our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and motivations and ask why. Exploration and discovery come from gaining a greater awareness of your own self. As a result, people who utilize self-discovery tend to improve their self-esteem, communication, and relationship goals. Our providers strive to help people be more honest with themselves, broaden their perspective, and make peace with the world around them.

Founder and Psychotherapist

Janet Duffy, LMHC, LPC

As a licensed psychotherapist, Janet provides individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, and treatment for other mental health conditions. With a master’s degree in both Counseling Psychology and Creative Writing, she strives to dismantle the stigma that revolves around mental health conditions by offering a collaborative, highly specialized approach to patient care.