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Self-Esteem. It’s a nebulous term that is often used, but most of us would have difficulty describing what it means and what good self-esteem looks like. In the modern world, this is a particularly difficult topic for the digitally connected community. Life transitions can also challenge our self-esteem. Things such as aging, divorce, breakups, and loss can also affect our confidence on a daily basis. At our practice, we recognize that the loss of self-esteem can stem from multiple places. Our practice specializes in helping you get the help you deserve – and back to living life.

Did You Know?

Low-Self Esteem is more than just a simple case of feeling poorly about oneself once in a while. Instead, it is a disorder of thought where someone sees themselves as being incompetent, inadequate, and unlovable regardless of any outside reinforcement. This kind of feeling is pervasive and can get into every aspect of a person’s heart and mind and can lead to behavior that is self-defeating and based on false assumptions.

How To Identify Low Self-Esteem:

There are warning signs that can identify when you or someone you know is suffering from low self-esteem, and acting on it can quite literally save a life. If someone you know is continuously undermining their success and accomplishments by being excessively critical of themselves, primarily when this manifests as comparisons to others, they may be suffering from low self-esteem. This is particularly evident in cases where these statements are demonstrably false, and the individual themselves admits they would never make those same comments to someone else.

What Causes Self-Esteem Challenges?

In most cases, these behaviors and thought-patterns are learned during childhood and can stem from abuse from those who were supposed to care about them. This kind of abuse can be blatant and physical, or it can be subtle and involve the use of degrading language and a failure to recognize accomplishments. It’s not unusual for it to be the result of being treated as odd or strange for behaviors that set them apart as an individual or don’t conform to societal norms. Adults aren’t immune to developing low self-esteem, especially when faced with challenges involving the loss of work, a collapse of personal relationships, or even concerns about their health and appearance.

Eliminating the One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Therapy!

Therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for low self-esteem and can aid patients of all ages in eliminating negative patterns of thought, learning to love themselves, and granting themselves permission to feel good about their accomplishments. Our boutique psychotherapy practice is designed to provide highly specialized care in a confidential, intimate environment. Our treatment plans are collaborative and designed specifically to meet your needs and preferences. Working with us will reveal the right treatment patterns for your case of low self-esteem, and bring back the ability to love and be proud of yourself.

Founder and Psychotherapist

Janet Duffy, LMHC, LPC

As a licensed psychotherapist, Janet provides individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, and treatment for other mental health conditions. With a master’s degree in both Counseling Psychology and Creative Writing, she strives to dismantle the stigma that revolves around mental health conditions by offering a collaborative, highly specialized approach to patient care.