Sleep Concerns

Our comprehensive treatment plans are created to address your mind and body in functional unity. Incorporating the principles of mind body medicine into our evidence-based treatment plans allows a more versatile, unique, and well-rounded outlook to healing.

Many people experience problems sleeping including not getting enough sleep, not feeling rested and not sleeping well. This problem can lead to difficulties functioning during the daytime and have unpleasant effects on your work, social, and family life. Problems sleeping can be secondary to a medical illness such as sleep apnea, or a mental health condition like depression. Sleep issues can be a sign of an impending condition such as bipolar disorder. In addition to affecting sleep itself, many medical and mental health conditions can be worsened by sleep-related problems.

How Is Mental Health Related to Sleep?

Sleep and mental health are intertwined. Sleep concerns are often tied to a number of specific mental health conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders.


It is estimated that over 300 million people worldwide have depression, a type of mood disorder marked by feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Around 75% of depressed people show symptoms of insomnia, and many people with depression also suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness and hypersomnia.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder is a subtype of depression that most often affects people during times of the year with reduced daylight hours. For example, people in northern climates may experience seasonal affective disorder during the fall and winter.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders have a strong association with sleeping problems. Worry and fear contribute to a state of hyperarousal in which the mind is racing, and hyperarousal is considered to be a central contributor to insomnia. Sleep problems may become an added source of worry, creating anticipatory anxiety at bedtime that makes it harder to fall asleep.

How Can I Address My Sleep Concerns?

At our practice, we listen and curate a treatment plan based on your needs. To see if our practice is a good fit for you, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Founder and Psychotherapist

Janet Duffy, LMHC, LPC

As a licensed psychotherapist, Janet provides individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, and treatment for other mental health conditions. With a master’s degree in both Counseling Psychology and Creative Writing, she strives to dismantle the stigma that revolves around mental health conditions by offering a collaborative, highly specialized approach to patient care.